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Long and abundant flowering of African violets

50 milliliters of concentrate in a convenient graduated bottle (free pipette).

A multi-component, comprehensive, mineral specialized fertilizer designed for soil fertilization of African violets plants and other Genseriads. Fertilizer "africanviolets.pl KWITNIJ!" is a completely water-soluble, concentrated fertilizer, the composition of which has been selected so as to induce the production of flower shoots in African violets



 Thanks to the unique proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium N: P: K - 8:10:16 and microelements such as copper and manganese, it induces the production of flower shoots, ensures long-lasting flowering and intense and clear contrasting flower coloration.



 Suitable for fertilizing all groups of violets (miniatures, semi-mini, standard, large, trailer). The fertilizer can be used in hydroponic cultivation and other cultivation systems without a traditional substrate. Foliar fertilization of plants is possible, but we do not recommend using this form of fertilization for African violet plants.

Composition: 1.6% (N) nitrogen in the form of nitrate ion; 0.8% (N) nitrogen in the form of an ammonium ion; 5.0% (P) of water-soluble phosphorus; 8.0% (K) water soluble potassium, 0.3% sulfur,. Enriched with boron 0.02% (B); copper 0.015% (Cu); manganese 0.019% (Mn), molybdenum 0.003% (Mo), zinc 0.011% (Zn), all in chelated form by EDTA. Soluble iron content (EDTA chelate) 0.04% (Fe). PH value in the range 4.5 - 5.

Fertilizer in the form of a concentrate. Before using, dilute 5 ml of concentrate to 1 L of water. Use every 2 weeks. The optimal period of applying the fertilizer is September - November and March - V. In the remaining months we recommend using the fertilizer "africanviolets.pl GROW!" to stimulate plants to produce new leaves and form a rosette.

Warning! Not suitable for consumption. In case of contact with skin, wash off with plenty of running water. Do not swallow. If swallowed, seek medical advice. Store at room temperature, out of reach of children.


The composition and form of the fertilizer developed by Prof. Wojciech Pokora, a plant physiologist and biotechnologist. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone


 My whole collection is growing on this!

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