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Privacy policy


Privacy statement on is a testament to perceive problems of privacy of website. The following paragraphs contain the rules for the collection and dissemination of information about customers, existing on our online website:

What information service gathers about users and and how is it used? Service limits the use and collection of information about customers to the minimum required to provide to our customers services at the highest level, which includes informing our customers about our products and services.

In some cases (eg, surveys, order forms) we collect information about users, such as e-mail addresses electronic or personal address. This information is not available to third parties unless the prior consent of Users or if required by the applicable laws and are used mainly to meet its obligations to customers.

We use IP addresses of users to diagnose problems with the servers’ work, the analysis of security breaches and management of our web page. The IP address is used for the identification and collection of demographic data from site visitors (e.g., information about region a visitor origin). Information are not linked to personally identifiable information subscribers of e-mail lists and other services provided by the service Occasionally site uses "cookies", which facilitate the use of its resources. "Cookies" contain useful information and are stored on your computer - our server can read them when you reconnect to your computer. Exclusion "cookies" in your browser does not deprive the user access to resources of our web site.


How we use the information from the order forms,

surveys and participants of competitions conducted on the pages

Our site uses an order form, which allows customers to to order the information, products and services. These forms allow to collect contact information from visitors (such as e-mail addresses of users). Information from order forms are used to implement the orders, sending information about our company and promotional material from some our partners.

During the conducted survey we ask visitors to provide contact information (like email address). In justified cases, the contact information from the questionnaires we use to send users information about our company and promotional material from some of our partners. Contact Information about customer is also used to establish contact with them, when it is necessary. Persons participating in the survey have the opportunity to opt out of receiving e-mails from us; see below section Selecting / resignation of our services.

On our website we organize competitions, in which only visitors for contact information (such as your e-mail address). We use contact information from people participating in our contests to send users information about our company and promotional material from some of our partners. Contact Information derived from contest participants are also used to contact them when it is necessary (e.g. for the prize). Contest participants posses the opportunity to opt out of receiving e-mails from us; see below section Selecting / resignation of our services.

 Privacy Protection of minors

Service does not monitor and verify information about the age of its audience - customers and users of e-mailing lists, survey participants and people involved in competitions. Contact information from visitors (such as users’ e-mail addresses) are used to implement orders, send information about our company and materials promotional material from some of our partners.

Minors should not send any information or make orders or subscribe to services offered by our service without knowledge their parents or guardians.

Security site is provided with security measures to protect data under our control from loss, misuse and alteration. We are committed to protect all information disclosed to us by the customer in accordance with the standards of protection security and confidentiality. Right of access to personal data are restricted, so that information would not be in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Access to data-base has only a limited number of eligible employees on a consistent basis with Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 3 June 1998 (Journal of Laws No. 80, Regulation No. 521).

Selecting / resignation of our services site offers users the opportunity to opt out of receive from us and our partners any information already in moment in which we ask for personal information of visitors. Our site gives users several options for ensuring the removal of information about you from our database, allowing withholding receiving information sent via e-mail or resignation of our services. This can be done by following the instructions supplied with the content messages sent by us by sending an e-mail at the following address: or by logging in to the account used to orders, where you can change the information given during the subscribe to free e-mail list or remove them from our database data.


Users who have any questions regarding this statement privacy practices for this site, or ways maintain contact with, please send comments to:




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