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BLOOM! Fertilizer for african violets 250mL

Long and abundant blooming of African violets

Multicomponent, complex, mineral fertilizer dedicated for fertilization of soil-cultured African violet and streptocarpus plants. " BLOOM!" Fertilizer is a fully soluble, concentrated solution, which composition has been composed to stimulate blooming of African violets plants

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Due to the unique ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, N: P: K - 8:10:16 and micronutrients such as cooper and manganese, it induces formation of flower buds, prolong blooming and provide intense and contrasted coloration of flowers.

 Suitable for fertilizing all groups of violets (miniature, semi-mini, standard, large, trailer). The fertilizer can be used in hydroponic cultivation and other cropping systems devoid of conventional substrate. It is possible to apply foliar fertilization, but we do not recommend using this form of fertilization for African violet plants.
Composition: 1.8% (N) nitrogen in the form of nitrate ion; 0.8% (N) nitrogen in the form of ammonium ion; 5.0% (P) of water-soluble phosphorus; 8.0% (K) of water-soluble potassium, 0.5% sulfur,. Enriched in boron 0.04% (B); Copper 0.02% (Cu); 0.015% (Mn), molybdenum 0.015% (Mo), zinc 0.019% (Zn) all chelated by EDTA. Content of soluble iron (EDTA chelate) 0.03% (Fe). PH value in the range 4.5 - 5.

Fertilizer is in the concentrated form. Before application, dilute 5 ml of concentrate in 1 L of tap water. Apply every 2 weeks. In winter (slow growth period) use fertilization every 4 weeks or every 2 weeks with a half dose (5 ml solution in 2 liters of water). The optimal period of application of fertilizers is IX - XI and III - V. In the other months, we recommend the use of " GROW!" Fertilizer to stimulate the vegetative foliage growth and rosette formation.

 Warning! Not suitable for consumption. In case of skin contact, wash off with plenty of running water. Do not swallow. If swallowed seek medical advice. Keep at room temperature, out of reach of children.

 Composition and form of fertilizer developed by Dr. Wojciech Pokora, physiologist and plant biotechnologist. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone via the store contact form.


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