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Shopping in My online store – in brief

The items of the order are rooted plants (seedlings) and unrooted cuttings – leafs of the African violets (Saintpaulias) as well as single and multi-node cuttings of Hoya plants. All sold plants originate from my private collection, where they are grown in the isolated culture rooms, free from plant pathogens and where the plants growth, development and maintenance is supervised by the specialist in the field of plant physiology and biotechnology with a Ph.D scientific degree.

Moreover in the offer of my online store You may find some accessories required for plants culture and care (soil substrates, pots etc.), some other things and accessories that might be useful for indoor plants lovers as well as for the Ones who are found of their cats. 

My store is operated in the electronic web online selling system. Thus, I accept the electronic form of order only, where You can buy the goods by placing the items in the shopping basket by clicking the icon in the web site. Similar due to the polish tax law requirements, the payments for the online shopping may be executed by bank transfer of money to my bank account in ING Bank Slaski (for details see the section “about us”) or using the PayPal system – these forms of payment are preferred. Alternatively You may chose the letter/package paid in advance option, if such a services is available in Your country postal operator. The ordering of item from the shop by placing them in the shopping basket is equivalent with Your declaration of will of the payment for the ordered items.

Offered plants are shown in store. Each photo presents the typical features of species/variety that in named below it.  When you decide to buy the unrooted cuttings (hoyas) and/or leafs (African violets) photos present the mother-plant from witch the cuttings will be taken just prior sending. According to baby-plants, or rooted cuttings the photos present the exact plant that You are willing to buy. All other non-plant items offered in the shop are also presented as the actual photos of the things that You may buy.

I do my best to made all presented in the store offer species and varieties of plants as constantly available, but due to the fact, that these are living plants only, the situation when it is not possible to take a full valuable cutting/leaf may occur. In such case You will be immediately inform about such  situation, by e-mail prior to the final order confirmation, payment and shipping.

The typical form of shipping is the a letter  or package sanded via the Polish Post. While placing the items in the shopping basket each product has his weight given, thus in the end the total cost of shipping of Your order will be automatically calculated and presented to Your knowledge before You finally decide to confirm the order. The cost of shipping is paid by the buyer. As the standard solution I suggest to choose the priority, registered post letter (options up to 2 kg.) or priority package. For larger orders the final cost of shipping will be calculated individually and prior to the final order confirmation given to Your knowledge via e-mail. If You have any other wishes/requirement concerning the form of shipping, please contact me before the ordering. In some special cases/conditions e.g.: heat, frost, days free from work (so called long weekends) taking the highest care for the best plants conditions that will be send to you, I may suggest the prolongation of the shipping date (and so the payment, of course) to more convenient circumstances, but the final decision is always up to You.

I have many years of experience in sending plants and I always do my best to be sure, that nothing wrong will happen with them during their transport. I’m sending plants protected from drying out,  in hard, rather uncrushable boxes, but because some disruption during transport may occur there is always a possibility that the order does not meet your expectations for any reason. In the event of errors on transport services company or my mistake, I’m  trying to get to compensate for any loss to the customer. Below is a list of tips on what you should do, so that we can properly react in such a situation:

If purchased items have defects or were damaged in transport please feel free to contact me. Please send to the address an e-mail containing order details in the title and in the body of the text accurately describe what disadvantages of the items, or provide other irregularities which might have occurred in the process of shipping. It is best to attach documentation of defects and damages in the form of photos. Due to the fact that the primary object of sale are live plants or their parts, the reporting a complaint should take place as soon as possible after receipt of the delivery and founding the irregularities. Please report complaints concerning items within 14 days from receipt of the shipment. Complaints are dealt with within 7 days. From the moment of receipt of the delivery You take the responsibility for the proper care of the plants, and therefore claims arising from the wrong plant care after their extraction, accepting the condition in which they were delivered and planting will not be considered.

In accordance with the provisions in force relating to online sales you have 14 days to withdraw from the contract without giving any reasons. In this case, please contact me to arrange the references of purchased of goods and refund.


If there is a need for a refund for the damaged of my fault or incorrectly executed order, money will be refunded by bank transfer to an account specified by the customer or postal order sent to the address indicated in the order within 3 working days of the date of acceptation (time transfer of the postal order is in the responsibility of the banks/Polish post and does not depend on me). If you have any additional questions please contact me at the following e-mail address: or by phone: +48 602-742-811. Below you will find a detailed price list of transport costs and fees in the Poland and European Community countries as well as  detailed terms and conditions of purchases in the online store Fiolkomania Agnieszka Dettlaff-Pokora. Costumers from countries other than EC, please contact to me by e-mail in order to arrange the terms and fees of shipping.

Data storage and processing rules (according to the RODO Regulation) in the online store

• compliance with law, reliability and transparency.
We process your personal data in accordance with actual law, in a transparent manner, on terms known to you as a customer.
•  limitation of aims  and data minimization
We only need your personal data in terms of contact with You as the customer (e-mail address, contact telephone) and order processing: name and surname / name of the recipient and delivery address. We do not use personal data to any other goals and we do not share it for other purposes (e.g. scientific research, statistical analysis, etc.)
• regularity
We make sure that your data is correct and up-to-date. If necessary, the data is updated only in terms of information received from the client.
• storage restriction
We do not store your data for longer than it is necessary for the purposes of finalizing purchases in our store. We are obligated to keep them for the time required for possible controls of the correctness of functioning of the company, carried out by government bodies (eg tax inspection). At the client's request, the personal data may be removed from permanent and electronic media. For this purpose, please contact us directly for the purpose of submitting a clear written declaration requesting the deletion of Your personal data.
• integrity and confidentiality

By means of appropriate technical or organizational measures, we strive to ensure that our clients' personal data - both stored on a permanent and electronic carrier - is protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss.


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